Restorative Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Beginners

Form 3: Single Whip

Form 2: Parting Wild Horses Mane

Raising the Power

Form 7: Fair Maiden

Qi Gong 18 Forms.

Form 4: Wave Hands like Clouds

Release the Dove

8 Active Ingredients

from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi by Peter Wayne

All 8 Form Back View

Opening and Form 1: Hold the Ball

Tai Chi Walk

Push the Stress Away

Push the waves

While not for beginners, this is a beautiful demonstration of the 24 Form (Yang style) tai chi routine.

Golden Rooster Stands 1 leg

Demonstrations by Lee Holden

Form 8: Grasp Peacock's Tail and Closing

Paul Lam

Massage arms

Crane Spreads Wings

​​Videos are short, informal examples.  When facing instructor, make a mirror image.                           Last update 7/1718

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Push stress away

The YouTube clips below were selected based on consistency with this instructor's Tai Chi approach, appropriateness for beginners, and quality of video. 

Heel Toe

Pouring weight

Form 5: Repulse Monkey



Holding Heaven and Earth

Form 6: Brush Knee

Gather Qi from earth

Gathering Qi from above

 Twisting Torso and Drumming

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