I teach through modeling, providing visual handouts to reinforce learning at home, and encouragement. I want students to attend because they feel the benefits. I believe everyone possesses the internal wisdom to decide what will work best for them.My teaching philosophy is drawn in large part from works of Parker Palmer.  He writes, “Teaching, like any truly human activity, emerges from one’s inwardness” (Palmer, 1997, p. 15).  Palmer asserts that good teaching involves three processes, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. The spiritual process means “the diverse ways we answer the heart’s longing to be connected with the largeness of life - a longing that animates love and work, especially the work called teaching” (p. 16).  My 25 years of experience in teaching adult learners in occupational therapy informs my teaching style for teaching Tai Chi.
Palmer, P.J. (1997).  The heart of a teacher: Identify and integrity in teaching.  Change, Nov/Dec. 15-21.

Teaching Style and Teaching Philosophy

My classes are based on three types of tai chi approaches/programs in which I have training, all originating in the Yang style of tai chi chuan, and shorted in the 1950's by the Chinese Sports Commission to make them more accessible to the general public (see links below).  I have combined my learning from these programs with self study to teach movements best suited to the students in my classes.

Restorative Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Beginners